Thursday, October 30, 2008

MSN rides in at number five

MSN video has a really nice looking template and they feature tons of videos from carious sources including one of my favorite sources National Geographic. A truly one of a kind tube with neat features and more clips in its Library to last a life time looking threw. If you had Bill Gates money and the power to change anything about MSN video service what would you do to it and why?

Reader feedback is something I hope to get soe everyone that stops by hear at this blgo so please share your thoughts than go upload and share your videos at one of these services!

AOL snatches up number four

Probably one of Americas most watched tube service AOL video offers tons of great user generated videos as well as from studios and networks. They have the editors pick which always seems to be spot on.

They offer info on Hot Searches and featured television shows and a lot of categories to choose from when searching for various videos. A must see tube site is you ask me but I am asking you what do you think about this tube site so hit me up would yea!

Yahoo video gets the third spot

It was tough choice to give Yahoo Video this spot but I am sure they have tons of traffic and lots of great videos on there video sharing service. I am not much of a watcher of this service or any Yahoo service to be honest but that does not make it any less great to watch.

After just a quick glance over it has a visual friendly layout with some great features. Extremely interested in hearing what you the reader has to say about this service to do so in the comments already would ya!

Google Video is #2

Google Video is the number 2 video sharing website featured here on this blog because it is probably the second most watched video service behind YouTube which is bought. Always has a great list of top 100 videos to watch and tons of videos in its library to search threw. Lots of great movies music videos and other goodies can be found in its service.

Some cool categories to search from such as Most blogger Most Shared Most Viewed and Movers and Shakers. Love to hear any input regardng improvements or what have you so please write them in teh comments!

YouTube is the first one up

Since it is the biggest and baddest tube site on the internet we are going to start with YouTube. This site is now owned by Google Inc and has millions of users and videos archived. They do not allow for adult content to be uploaded to there website but they still have plenty of great clips of everything else.

I am interested to know more about what you think about YouTube and what you think could be done to make it better? So please share with me or should I say us what can be done to make this service any better than it already is, if that is even possible!